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Welcome to the wonderful world of Homeopathy!
          Homeopathy is a system of medicine that was developed by Samuel Hahnemann a German physician, in 1796. Homeopathy simulates the body using remedies to overcome an illness/ disease. The goal is to trigger the body’s natural healing capabilities. Homeopathic Medicine was designed to fit the three main criteria of importance for Samuel Hahnemann who was a medical doctor who was unimpressed with the conventional medical system. He was searching for a medical system that was gentle, rapid in manner, and yielded permanent results. After many years of searching and countless cases, Homeopathy was born. Homeopathy is safe for people of all ages ranging from infants to the elderly and can even be used on pets of all sorts. People on medications can safely use Homeopathic medicines without fear of drug interactions or side effects.

         Homeopathy works under the fundamental principle that “no two similar diseases can co- exist in a body at the same time”. Homeopathy works by applying a remedy that would stimulate or cause a healthy body to react with the same symptoms as an ill person affected with a similar disease. Thus, when a similar remedy is applied to an ill person it causes the disease to be displaced. This is the Natural Law of Like cures like. For example, when someone is experiencing allergy symptoms they most commonly get swollen red watery eyes and a runny nose. Application of red onion (Homeopathic remedy Allium Cepa) which causes swollen red watery eyes and a runny nose in a healthy person would eliminate these symptoms for the allergy patient.Homeopathic medicine treats the entire person as a whole. Due to this, a very thorough/ lengthy initial consultation is required to fully understand the entirety of the case and to be able to find an appropriate remedy that is as individual as you!

Homeopathic Fun Facts:
• It is the second most widely used medical system in the world, second only to Traditional Chinese Medicine.
• The word ‘Homeopathy’ is from the Greek homœo (meaning similar) and pathos (meaning suffering).
• The second principle is extreme dilution which enhances the medicine’s healing properties and eliminates undesirable side-effects along the way.
• Celebrities such as Paul McCartney, David Beckham, Susan Hampshire, Tina Turner, Louise Jameson, Gaby Roslin, Jude Law, Sadie Frost, Nadia Sawalha, Jennifer Aniston, Jade Jagger, Roger Daltry, Annabel Croft and Meera Syal have use homeopathy.
• The English Royal Family has has had a Royal Homeopathic Doctor since 1830.
• The current Royal Homeopathic doctor is Dr Peter Fisher.
• The Queen carries her very own 'black box' of homeopathic remedies that she keeps on her at all times when she travels.
• The largest homeopathic hospital, the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital treats around 2,000 patients per week.


Homeopathy Helps!


Looking for a safe alternative to Vaccinations?
Homeopathy can offer safe and effective alternatives to vaccinations for newborns and travellers alike.

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Pregnancy nausea causing you discomfort?
Treating your pregnancy issues natually for a healthy baby!

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