About Jessica

     Jessica has dedicated her life towards helping her patients

and the many of people she has had the pleasure of

meeting, find and gain back their quality of life. In 2011

she graduated with honors, from the Canadian College of

Homeopathic Medicine after studying under several

internationally known homeopaths. During this time Jessica

also took the time to complete her thesis based on

Homeopathic Treatment of Mental Illness.


     She is continually taking courses under homeopathic masters to continue to serve her patients with the best service and health standards possible. Jessica has been published many times in a variety of media helping to spread the word of homeopathy and let people know that they do have an option and do not have to settle for a quality of life any less then great! An archive of all of her publications including articles, radio interviews and news interviews can be found here by clicking the article tab at the top of the page.


     Jessica has studied under some incredible world reknown Homeopaths such as Joe Kellerstein, Kim Elia, Farohk Master, Issac Golden, and Dr. Prasanta& Dr. Pratip Banerji! Click on photos below to detail their areas of expertise.
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Some of the greatest influences Jessica has had the pleasure of studying under are:


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Jessica, Raymond Edge and Joyce Edge

Raymond Edge RSHom(NA), CCH, RCSHom is the dean of the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. Raymond has been practising homeopathy since 1987. He graduated from the School of Homoeopathy in Devon, England and was the director of the Mirianog West Childrens Clinic in Wales.Raymond is a member of North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH). Joyce DSHM, FSHM oversees the day to day operations of The School including lecture scheduling, information sessions and enquiries, liaising with faculty.